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Gizmogul was founded by three brothers from Boston: Cory, Barry & Stephen Schneider. They hate each other. No, I’m joking. They’re actually best friends. The Schneider brothers wanted to create a mobile buyback business that spoke to their generation. So they started the company in the basement of their childhood home and it has since grown rapidly, handling millions of devices each year.

Gizmogul has a philanthropic attitude; they pay people generously for their devices while making a positive impact on the community. Currently, for every transaction, Gizmogul donates $1 to help build schools and fund valuable afterschool programs both domestically and abroad. Their charitable partner BuildOn has built more than 600 schools worldwide.

Electronics are often discarded or shipped overseas to hazardous dumpsites around the world where environmental regulations are much less strict. The components are then left to decay, eventually breaking down into our ecosystem. To get a window into this global epidemic, please check out this short we made: The Electronic Afterlife.

Gizmogul’s mission is to prevent all that. Whether they’re repurposing, refining, reusing, or reselling devices, Gizmogul works tirelessly to ensure your device end up in good hands and is put to good use.

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