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Gizmogul was started in 2010 by three brothers from Boston, Mass. (Cory, 23, Barry, 29, Stephen, 32). They wanted to create a niche electronic recycling business that spoke to their generation. Gizmogul is a “cool” recycling company with a philanthropic attitude. They pay people fairly for their material while making a positive impact on the community. Currently, every cell phone recycled with Gizmogul helps build schools in developing nations and fund valuable afterschool programs both domestically and abroad.
Gizmogul works with charitable organizations like BuildOn and Leave Out Violence (L.O.V.E) to put profit to good use.

Since its inception, Gizmogul has grown rapidly in a market saturated with big name corporations fueled solely by increasing their bottom lines. However, Gizmogul manages to be sustainable, without being greedy. The research shows that Gizmogul pays more than 2-3 times (200-300%) for recyclable consumer electronics than any of their competitors. That is because their business has grown organically without having to spend millions of dollars in marketing and branding, allowing them to pass along savings directly to the consumer.

Electronic waste MUST be recycled, otherwise it ends up in the trash and hazardous materials inside different components end up breaking down into our ecosystem. And if it is recycled, it should be done so with the utmost care and concern because often times when shipped overseas (where there is less regulation for hazardous material) the “recycled material:l ends up being broken down by children and often leads to environmental disasters. Gizmogul wants to avoid that. All of the material we collect is recycled domestically by an R2 certified refinery.

The amazing thing is, everything has value. And Gizmogul collects it all. They not only purchase cellular phones, but computers, computer components, cables, televisions, LCD’s, gaming devices, etc.

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