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Client Testimonials

“Gizmogul is the best in the business when it comes to buying cell phones, hands down.”

-Aaron S.

“I sent Gizmogul 3 of my old cell phones and I couldn’t believe how much money I got for them.”

-Meredith F.

“Gizmogul paid much more than I was quoted by anyone else for my Iphone 4s.”

-Kelly B.

“Excellent service from this company, every time.”

-Tim N.

“I searched three diferent sites to see how much I would get for my Blackberry. I came across Gizmogul and read about the online quoting scam that’s on their homepage. When I sent my phone into them I couldn’t believe how right they were. They beat every single quote I got online. AMAZING!”

-Michael F.

“I recommend Gizmogul to everyone I meet. The prices they pay are so good!”

-Samuel K.

“Gizmogul not only paid me a lot for my Motorola Droid, but they also have a program we I was able to send in electronic scrap, and I got paid for that too!”

-Alex E.

“I came across a stockpile of old flip phones and other types of older cell phones that no company would by. I ended up calling Gizmogul and they sent me a shipping label and paid me a little more then $100 for them. Not only did they buy my scrap phones but they also recycle everything the GREEN WAY.”

-Mollie R.

“I could not believe how much I got paid for my Samsung Galaxy phone!”

-Janet Y.

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