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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


The CASH FOR CELL PHONES USA program offers generous rates to everyone, which would normally be reserved for large brokerage firms and private corporations. Because they process such a high volume of MOBILE DEVICES & MOBILE SCRAP every month, they can afford to pay you top-dollar for all of your Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Tablets, PDA’s, Cell Phone Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s), Tablet Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s) & PDA Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s) SIM Cards / Smart Cards / SIM Scrap, Memory Sticks (RAM) / Memory Cards (RAM) or Random-Access Memory (RAM) and all other ELECTRONIC SCRAP.

Most cell phone buyers, like Gazelle, offer their customers a 30-day quote. Considering the cell phone market’s volatility, this quote reflects the phone’s anticipated worth after 30 days and typically won’t even match your actual payment. There are simply too many variables to determine the value of a cell phone, and it is impossible for such companies to know the worth of your phone without seeing it in person.

With Cash for Cell Phones USA, there are no hidden fees. We don’t invent quotes, because we know, in this business, quotes are not only irrelevant, but deceiving to customers. Instead of a fast (and inaccurate) appraisal, we provide our customers with the quickest way to get their phone to us. Once we receive a phone, we are able to determine its exact value and pay back 90% of that cost.

When purchasing your new cell phone. Do not sell your old phone back to the store. Companies like Apple, Verizon, At&T and T mobile will give you an incentive to give your phone to them. However, your phone is worth much more then whatever type of deal they are offering you. So do not give them your phone, send it in to us and we can guarantee you more money then any of those retails stores are offering you.

Cash for Cell Phones USA also has a Price Guarantee Policy. What this means is when a customer sends them a cell phone, Cash for Cell Phones USA guarantees that their price will beat any other company’s quotes by 20% or more. There is not one other company that offers this or can guarantee this.

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