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Recycle Electronics

Every year, the world generates more than 50 million tons of electronic waste. The United States alone is responsible for nearly 10% of that waste according to the EPA. A recent study showed that 1 out of every 8 Americans owns a computer, and nearly 2/3 of all Americans own cell phones. That includes babies and many elderly people who don’t even know what in the world cell phones are.

Mobile devices become outdated quicker than any other products in today’s market. This is mainly due to the fast pace by which technology is constantly evolving. Unfortunately for the planet, this results in a lot of electronic waste. E-waste is the number one byproduct in America due our inability to recycle or refine the material faster than it hits the market place. Think about it, most people you know have five or six phones stowed away in a desk drawer somewhere. So what happens to those devices?

This is why we started Gizmogul. By recycling and repurposing tons of mobile devices each year, we help cut down the electronic waste found in landfills. This of course could not be done without your help. So dig out those old devices and send them in to be recycled. Not only will you get paid but also you’ll be doing something good.

To get started, choose the device you want to sell on our homepage. Then, if you’re ready to sell, we’ll ship you a free mailer so you can send in your devices and we can issue your payment.

Also, if you have electronics that you’d just like to properly recycle, we can help you do that. Contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you make arrangements or visit our donation page.

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