How the process works

Understanding Value


How Much are my used Cell Phones, Tablets or PDAs worth?

There are numerous factors to take into consideration when buying mobile devices. In order for us to value your phone you must send it in with one of our PRE-PAID GIZMOPAKS. Once we receive your phone we will do a complete inspection of your phone. We will then pay you 90% of what your phone is worth. The value of your phone is derived from the actual phone market. Just like the stock marker, the phone market is constantly changing. However the phone market never goes up and down, it just goes down. The faster you send your phone in the more money you are going to be able to get for it.

The 4 rules of Thumb to determine if your phone is in good condition.

  • Does the phone power on
  • Does the screen or casing have any noticeable damages
  • Does your phone have any water damage
  • Does the phone work properly

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, that does not mean your phone has no value. To the contrary, your phone is still very valuable. Gizmogul will still be able to pay you more then any other company can for your phone.

Older Mobile Devices vs. Newer Mobile Devices

As a general rule of thumb, newer mobile devices are worth more than older mobile devices. Since technology is constantly changing, phone companies are continually coming up with newer and better phones. As a result, this makes your phone less demanded which in return makes the value depreciate. For phones that are Broken and considered SCRAP, the value is determined by the contents of the device itself. Certain devices contain more precious metals than others such as Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. If you have a device, it’s probably worth something.

The More Devices You Send the MORE it’s Worth

This is only true if you are sending in a phone that is considered Scrap. This means that your phone contains no value other than the precious metal contents within it. The simple reason for this is it costs more to recover the value of one phone (ie. Shipping costs, insurance, processing, paper work, labor) than it does to recover the value of several devices. However, if your phone still has retail value, then it does not matter whether you send in one or one thousand. You will still receive the highest possible value for your phone(s).

If My Device is Broken, What’s Worth Money?

Even if you think your phone is broken, it still may contain re-useable parts that have a high value. The only way to tell how much value your phone is worth is to send it in to us. We will then do a full inspection of your phone and determine its value based on the phone market. If we find that your phone does not function and has no reusable part we will then pay you for the precious metal within your phone. This includes precious metals like Gold, silver, platinum and palladium often found on the computer boards that make the phone function as well as plastics, metal alloys, rubber and resin. All of this material can be broken down and recycled in accordance with EPA standards so that it does not end up in landfills but instead finds its way into new products.

Recycling & Refining

The process by which Mobile Devices get refined is normally very expensive and time consuming. However, when working with Gizmogul, the cost of refining these items is immediately offset by the shear volume of business we do.

What’s Actually Worth Money?
Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Tablets or PDA’s that are functional, broken or in good condition, Scrap Phones, PDA’s and Tablets, Cell Phone Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s), Tablet Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s) & PDA Boards (Printed Circuit Boards, PCB’s) SIM Cards / Smart Cards / SIM Scrap, Memory Sticks (RAM) / Memory Cards (RAM) or Random-Access Memory (RAM) and all other ELECTRONIC SCRAP

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