How the process works

Fast Electronics Payments


Gizmogul also offers electronic payments through PayPal for consumers who would like to be paid faster. If you would like to take advantage of this service, let us know by writing “PAYPAL” in the description box along with the contents of your package and we’ll be happy to accommodate you! Don’t forget to include your PayPal ID with your shipment.

To get your FREE GIZMOPAK now simply clicking the bright pink “Click Here” button at the top of the page and selecting your device and you’ll be mailed your GizmoPak so you can easily ship us your Electronic Materials at no cost to you. Within 3-5 days of receiving your MOBILE DEVICES SHIPMENT, we’ll mail you a check. The value of your items is be based on the current resale value of the products when applicable OR in the event items your devices have no resale value they will be broken down and processed for precious metal content and recycled according to EPA guidelines. The prices for scrap phones, pda’s and tablets are based on the current market price of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium as well as the volume.

The more material you send, the higher the returns!

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