How the process works

Make Money From Home


In today’s economic times making money from home is not a luxury all of us can afford. But Gizmogul makes recycling Mobile Devices like Cell Phones, PDA’s and Tablets  really easy. Anyone can do it to and earn extra money from the comfort of their home.

How to Get Started

If you are not currently collecting mobile devices, the first thing you will need to do is set aside a small dry space in your apartment, home or garage to temporarily store the items. Purchasing a few cardboard boxes or garbage bins from a local hardware store like Home Depot for collection.  Once you have a place to store material, then all you have to do is go out and get it!

Here is a list of locations that may have unwanted Mobile Devices for a small fee or even for FREE! A lot of businesses prefer to simply “get rid” of their electronic waste and if you’re willing to take the material off their hands for free, you can ship it to us and we’ll pay you for it!

Local Dumps

Neighbors – (People always have old cell phones lying around)
Garage Sales (small quantities)
Recycling Centers
Electronic Stores
Small Companies (with their own internal cell phone networks, like tow companies)

Place a Local Ad – Offering a FREE PICKUP  

Place a small ad in a local paper or penny saver or even You’ll be surprised to find out how quickly people respond. Offer a Free Pickup service to safely recycle unwanted cell phones and other mobile devices.

Here is the material you should be collecting:

Cell Phones (Working or Broken)

Mobile Phones (Working or Broken)

PDA’s (Working or Broken)

Tablets (Working or Broken)

SIM Cards

Memory Sticks

Ready To Sell

Once you’ve collected a bunch of devices, simply fill out the form on our website to request your FREE GIZMOPAK(s). Then, pack up the items in your GIZMOPAK(s) and drop them off at the nearest USPS. We’ll make sure to get your devices processed as fast as we can so you can get paid quickly. Get started today!

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