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There’s a reason why Gizmogul is the strongest name in the mobile device business – we pay more than any other company! This is partly due to the sheer volume of business we handle, which allows us to pay more for your mobile devices, since we can remain profitable with very small commissions. But it’s also because of our ability to recycle and refine almost any device. Many of our competitors limit themselves to only refurbishing and reselling the most expensive products, while we see ourselves more as a one stop shop for the mobile device after-market industry by recycling, reselling and refining. This process allows us to determine the highest value for our customers cell phones.

After-market mobile devices can be valued as high as $500 per unit. When selling mobile devices for profit, there are many variables to consider which determine the final value of the product. First, the quality of the devices must be ascertained. We do this by physically running tests on the device’s internal system as well as inspecting the appearance of the device. This allows us to determine if the phone is functional, and what type of condition it is in. Finally, the resale value of these mobile devices is dictated by the market demands. While certain products are in higher demands than others, the good news is there is almost always a demand somewhere regardless of the make or model.

For phones that have no retail value because there is no longer a demand for them, Gizmogul will still buy them from you at top dollar prices. They can do this because they’re the only company that can also refine SCRAP Cell Phones, PDA’s and Tablets. The process by which Cell Phones, PDA’s and Tablets are refined is normally very expensive and time consuming. However, when working with Gizmogul the cost of refining these materials is immediately offset by the volume of business we do.

Due to the fact that there are so many different manufacturers of mobile devices, it is difficult to appraise the value of large quantities of mobile scrap without actually breaking down the items, processing them, refining, and assaying the end result. What Gizmogul can promise you is that we do our very best to recover every last bit of precious metal contained in your lot down to the last gram of gold. Also, keep in mind there may be other metals within your lot that are worth money such as lead, tin and copper.

The market PRICES FOR MOBILE DEVICES and TABLETS have remained excellent despite today’s economy and the rapid, never-ending evolution of technology. Don’t let your used, unwanted or damaged cell phones, PDA’s and Tablets sit around and collect dust in your drawers! Ship it to us and get paid now – all while doing something environmentally green for your planet!

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