Cricket Wireless

April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016

Cricket Wireless

Founded in 1999, Cricket Wireless supplies wireless service to more than seven million Americans. The company operates under Leap Wireless, which ranks as the seventh largest US wireless telecommunications network.

Not only did Leap Wireless release the premier Advanced Wireless Services network in Oklahoma City and established nationwide roaming agreements in 2010, but the company has paired with Sprint Nextel to offer Cricket Wireless users 3G service via Sprint’s network. Not to mention, in May 2012, Cricket made mobile history as the first wireless provider to carry the Apple iPhone off-contract.

Sell Used or Broken Cricket Tablets or Phones to Gizmogul

Cricket Wireless has many dedicated followers, and when their old phones break or are no longer up to tech-standards, there’s a good chance they’ll seek out new Cricket Wireless-supported devices. Of course, that leaves them with old Cricket phones, which they’ll either toss in the trash or shove in the back of a musty closet.

What many of these Cricket-owners don’t realize is that both of these practices are irresponsible. Improperly disposed of electronic devices are a growing concern for our earth’s limited landfill space, and cell phone values decrease every day – leaving your old phone in a closet is the equivalent of electing to lose money.

Instead of damaging the earth or losing money on your old phone, why not make cash for old cricket products at Gizmogul?

As Easy As 1-800

Trading in your cell phone for cash is simple. All you have to do is click the bright pink “Click Here” button to get started, chose your device, print out a FREE SHIPPING LABEL from our site and mail in your phone(s) using our free and insured GIZMOPAK. Once your package has arrived at our recycling center, we will assess your phone(s) and mail you a check reflecting the package’s entire worth. Sit back and make money with Gizmogul.