April 1, 2016
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April 1, 2016


Huawei is a China-based producer of smart phones, tablet computers, and other electronic devices. In 2010, the company expanded its overseas market and shipped 120 million devices around the world.

As more and more cell phones and tablets continue to be produced, the proper disposal and recycling of electronic devices is more important now than ever. We are facing a global problem with the accumulation of electronic waste in landfills, and Gizmogul is here to help. Take advantage of our recycling service to help the environment and earn cash for your old Huawei devices at the same time.

How Does it Work?

Your old cell phones, tablets, and PDAs may no longer be of use to you, but that doesn’t mean they no longer have value—Gizmogul will buy your unwanted devices and recycle them for you. All you have to do is click the bright pink “Click Here” button above and choose your device for a FREE GIZMOPAK, and mail us your used, broken, and unwanted cell phones and tablets. Once we have received your device, we will send you a check in the mail within 24 hours. It really is as simple as that. Your personal information will be erased using our SECURE DATA REMOVAL service, and your device will be refurbished or recycled accordingly.

Sell Huawei Phones and Tablets and Help the Environment

All of the recycling facilities used by Gizmogul operate in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our recycling facilities are also properly licensed, and all processes comply with applicable federal regulation 40 CFR, and a Certificate of Destruction / Recycling is available upon request.

Instead of letting your old and unwanted Huawei cell phones and tablets either contribute to the degrading of the environment or take up space in your life, sell them to Gizmogul and earn cash to put toward your next purchase instead.

Products We Buy

Huawei Ideos M835
Huawei Impulse U8800
Huawei Ascend II M865
Huawei Ascend M860
Huawei Impulse 4G U8800
Huawei Mercury