April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016


The Kyocera Corporation is a Japan-based multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer – with specialties in industrial ceramics, solar power, telecommunications, and office document imaging equipment. After acquiring the digital communications company Qualcomm in 2000 and Sanyo’s handset sector in 2008, Kyocera became a key player in the mobile communications industry.

Just like all tech companies, Kyocera regularly updates its stock, and when new phones come out, old phones become obsolete. So what’s the best thing to do with those old phones?

Gizmogul Offers Cash for Old Kyocera Products

Gizmogul’s Cash for Mobile Devices program is happy to recycle your old Kyocera phones and give you cash for them. Whether your phones, tablets, or personal digital assistants (PDA’s) are no longer functional, scratched, or still in mint condition, we are happy to pay you the worth of your phone. As a subset of the forty-year-old (and forty-year-strong) CJ Environmental (selected as a prestigious member of the INC 500), Gizmogul receives large volumes of business every day. This sheer volume allows us to offer, not only expert recycling, but the highest payouts in the industry.

The Earth Will Thank You

In addition to making quick cash, selling your old mobile devices to Gizmogul is a contribution to a better earth. Every day, Americans improperly dispose of 350,000 cell phones. From your trash can, these natural resource-bearing phones are relocated to landfills, where they release toxic materials, like lead and mercury, into our air, soil, and water. CJ Environmental allows you to protect the earth from these dangers by complying with the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for reclamation, destruction, and recycling.

More than likely, you make an effort to recycle every day, so why not do it for some extra cash? Sell your used or broken Kyocera tablets or phones to Gizmogul today!

Products We Buy

Kyocera Domino S1310
Kyocera Loft S2300
Kyocera Melo S1300
Kyocera Neo E1100
Kyocera Sanyo Zio M6000
Kyocera X-TC M2000