April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016


Get Cash for Used or Broken LG Phones and Tablets

From as early in cell phone history as 1996, LG Electronics has been providing worldwide consumers with state-of-the-art mobile devices. The company is currently best known for its Black Label Series, which include the LG Chocolate, LG Shine, LG Secret, and New Chocolate. In addition to these top sellers, LG has released over ten mobile phone series, spanning its decade+ career in the mobile industry.

Gizmogul Offers Cash for Old LG Products

If you don’t know what to do with your old LG phone, Gizmogul’s Cash for Mobile Devices program allows you to trade in your old mobile devices for quick cash. We accept smart phones, flip phones, PDA’s, and tablets in any condition from brand new, to scratched up, to dysfunctional, to entirely unusable. All you have to do is log onto our site and request a FREE GIZMOPAK. Once your items are in the mail, you simply have to wait for your check, which is shipped out within 3-5 days of receiving your package. Not only will we clear your phone’s history with our free and nifty Secure Data Removal service, but we also allow you to track your shipment from mailbox to mailbox.

Environmental Impact

If cold hard cash isn’t enough to sway you, your eco-responsibility should convince you to sell your used or broken LG phones or tablets. According to a 2005 survey from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States alone contributed 1.5 to 1.9 million tons (or 3 billion pounds) of computers, TVs, VCRs, monitors, cell phones, and other electronic waste to landfills around the world. Not only does electronic waste take up space, but it also releases toxic chemicals into surrounding air, water, and soil.

Gizmogul works in accordance with EPA regulations and can provide a Certificate of Destruction / Recycling upon request.

Make money while saving the earth with Gizmogul!

Phones We Buy

LG Escape P870 LG Intuition VS950 LG Rumor Touch LN510
LG Nitro HD P930 LG Lucid VS840 LG Optimus Elite LS696
LG Quantum C900 LG Revolution VS910 LG Rumor 2 LX265
LG Optimus G E970 LG Spectrum VS920 LG LX370
LG Thrill 4G P925 LG Spectrum 2 LG-VS930 LG Lotus LX600
LG Mach LS860 LG Connect 4G MS840 LG Optimus M MS690
LG Marquee LS855 LG Esteem MS910 LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus G LS970 LG GM750 LG Thrive
LG Viper LS840 LG Motion 4G MS770 LG Optimus 3D
LG dLite GD570 LG Venice LG730 LG Optimus Black
LG DoublePlay C729 LG Volt 700 LG Neon
LG G2X LG Samba 8575 LG Tritan UX840
LG MyTouch T 4G E739 LG 900G LG Optimus V VM670
LG MyTouch Q C800 LG CE110 LG Octane VN530
LG Optimus T LG Shine CU720 LG Vortex VS660
LG Optimus L9 LG Vu CU920 LG Enlighten VS700
LG T-Mobile G2x LG Xenon LG enV Touch VX11000
LG T-Mobile myTouch E739 LG Prime GS390 LG Accolade VX5600
LG Ally VS740 LG Optimus L45c LG Chocolate Touch VX8575
LG Chocolate BL40 LG Spyder II LG820 LG enV3 VX9200
LG Cosmos touch vn270 LG Remarq LN240 LG Dare VX9700
LG Fathom VS750 LG G-Slate