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April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016


Get Cash for Used or Broken Motorola Phones and Tablets

Motorola was a pioneer in cell phone technology and has remained a prominent force in the industry ever since. Their RAZR flip phone was extremely popular in the mid-2000s, and they’ve had a recent resurgence into the cell phone market by using Google’s Android operating system to produce a line of smart phones.

Whether you still have an old flip phone sitting around or you just want to upgrade your smart phone, you can sell your used or broken Motorola cell phones to Gizmogul and get money to put toward something better.

How It Works

If you want to earn cash for your old Motorola products, the first step is to click the bright pink “Click Here” button at the top of the page, select your device, and request a FREE GIZMOPAK. Then all you have to do is send your cell phone to us and wait to get your check in the mail. It really is that easy. Once we receive your phone, we will erase all of your personal information with our SECURE DATA REMOVAL service. It will be either refurbished or recycled, accordingly, and we will mail your check within 3-5 days.

Gizmogul’s recycling facilities all operate in accordance with applicable federal regulation 40 CFR, and we can send you a Certificate of Destruction/Recycling upon request. Our practices also comply with all of the relevant standards, rules, and regulations that have been set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Sell Your Cell Phone and Help the Environment

All cell phones, new and old, contain recyclable amounts of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. And while precious metals are finite resources, most broken electronic devices tend to be improperly disposed of and end up in landfills. At Gizmogul, we want to help alleviate the damage that is being done to the environment by recycling old, broken, and unwanted cell phones, tablets, and PDAs. So gather up your old cell phones, tablets and PDAs and start getting cash for your unwanted devices and helping the environment at the same time.

Products We Buy

Motrola Atrix 4G MB860 Motorola Droid X2 MB870 Motorola Cliq XT
Motorola Atrix HD MB886 Motorola Droid Bionic XT875 Motorola Charm
Motorola Atrix 2 MB865 Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Motorola Defy
Motorola Bravo m520 Motorola Milestone Motorola Cliq 2
Motorola Photon 4G MB855 (Sprint) Motorola Droid Motorola XPRT
Motorola Cliq DEXT MB220 Motorola Droid 2 Motorola Karma
Motorola Triumph WX435 Motorola Blur Motorola Titanium
Motorola Stature i9 Motorola CE0168 Motorola v120t
Motorola Droid 2 Global a956 Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 Motorola RAZR (Flip Phone) V3
Motorola Droid 3 XT862 Motorola i285 Motorola RAZR2
Motorola Droid 4 XT894 Motorola Cliq Motorola W490
Motorola Droid X MB810 Motorola Backflip Motorola Droid Pro
Motorola Xoom