April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016


Get Cash for Used or Broken Nokia Phones and Tablets

Nokia Oyj, or Nokia, is a Finnish multinational technology manufacturer, best known for mobile telephones. As the world’s second-largest phone manufacturer, with annual revenues around €38 billion, it’s no surprise Nokia products are so popular on mobile markets across the globe.

In 2011, Nokia made the strategic decision to nix Symbian, its signature OS operating system, in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. October 2011 saw Nokia’s introduction of the first ever Windows Phone handsets, including the Lumia 710 and 800.

With new updates popping up every day, Nokia users have a hard time holding on to their older models for long. There’s always something newer, and most likely shinier, to buy.

You Got A New Phone… So What Happens to the Old One?

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting a new phone. There’s just so much to do! Transferring contacts, setting alarms, downloading apps… who has time for recycling their old phones? Unfortunately, that kind of thinking, leads to alarming statistics, such as America dumping between 300 million and 400 million electronic items into landfills each year. If the numbers alone don’t bother you, know that electronic waste is highly toxic and drastically affects surrounding air, water, and soil.

Okay, Okay, I’ll Recycle My Cell Phone… But How?

Not only does Gizmogul provide you with a quick, easy, and free cell phone recycling service, but they pay you for your contributions. Your job is simple: click the bright pink “Click Here” button to get started, select your device, and request a free USPS GIZMOPAKfrom our site and mail in your old cell phone. Within 3-5 days of receiving your package, your check will be headed back in your direction. Yes! Making cash for old Nokia products is just that easy!

Gizmogul Guarantees Unparalleled Customer Service

Gizmogul not only has the best interest of the environment in mind, but also the best interest of its customers. Thus, it guarantees the following:

High Payouts: As a leader in the metal-refining industry, CJ Environmental (parent of Gizmogul) has the capability to provide unbeatable returns for your old electronic “junk.”

Privacy: To ensure your privacy, Gizmogul’s recycling service is complete with a free-of-charge SECURE DATA REMOVAL service.

Insurance: From the second you receive your GIZMOPAK to the second you pull your check out of the mail, your package is not only insured for its contents, but complete with tracking information, so you can track your package online every step of its way.

Make money for saving the earth with a family-owned and -operated business you can trust. Sell used or broken Nokia phones or tablets today and enjoy the high returns.

Products We Buy

Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia 8800 Nokia XpressMusic 5310
Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia 8801 Nokia XpressMusic 5530
Nokia C6 Nokia Astound C7 Nokia XpressMusic 5800
nokia C6-01 Nokia C7 Nokia 6030
Nokia E71 Nokia Lumia 710 Nokia 6555
Nokia N73 Nokia Lumia 810 Nokia E6
Nokia E75 Nokia Lumia 822 Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia N97 Mini Nokia 3390 Nokia N76
Nokia Surge 6790 Nokia 3555b Nokia N8
Nokia X5-01 Nokia 5180iP Nokia N9
Nokia Mode E73 Nokia Nuron