Responsibly Recycle Electronics & Help Build Schools



If you’d like to donate your electronics to benefit an amazing cause and ensure they are recycled properly (and not shipped overseas to a hazardous dumpsite), follow the simple instructions below.

Easy Instructions
1. Package your items
2. Ship to: Gizmogul, Inc. ATTN: Donations 6 Perry Drive Unit B, Foxboro, MA 02035
3. Pat yourself on the back

That’s it! All donated electronics will be recycled responsibly. Devices that can be refurbished will be reintroduced into the secondary market. Electronics that are damaged beyond repair will be properly recycled through a certified R2 program. Gizmogul has teamed up with BuildOn. Proceeds will help build schools in developing nations around the world. We’ll keep you informed as to where your dollars went with emails, videos and pictures throughout the building process.

If you have a large load of electronics you’d like to donate (50lbs or more)…. please send us an email at and we may be able to arrange for free shipping.