Sell your device
-build a school

Gizmogul has partnered with the renowned philanthropy BuildOn, whose sole mission is to build schools in developing nations across the globe. To date, BuildOn has built over 600 schools worldwide and they break ground every two days on a new one. When you sell your device to Gizmogul, $1 will be donated from Gizmogul’s profits, to a fund dedicated to building a specific school.

It only costs $30,000 to build a school

It only costs $30k to build a school which means your dollar actually makes a big dent. Can you believe that? To build an entire school in a community of kids who desperately need it. Gizmogul will keep you in the loop throughout every phase of construction with emails and video, so you can see first hand where your dollar went. It’s a pretty cool club to be part of.

Watch a group of students in Haiti thank Gizmogulers for their school:

So what do you have to do to be part of this program?

Nothing. Just sell your device to us for the best price and Gizmogul will donate $1 of their own profits on your behalf.

Can you donate items directly to the cause?

You better believe it. If you have a bunch of electronics or even a couple old cell phones that you're looking to recycle responsibly, simply package them up and ship them to:

Gizmogul Inc.
15 Dan Rd.
Suite 150
Canton MA 02021

If you have a large load of electronics you'd like to donate (50lbs or more) – please send us an email at and we may be able to arrange for free shipping.