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What Gizmogul stands for.

It's simple really: love. We love electronics, we love our customers and we love helping people around the world. When we started this company in a tiny basement with ugly carpet, we set out to pay people the most for their electronics while aiming to make a global impact through philanthropy.

When you sell a device to us, you can rest assured that your experience will be nothing short of amazing. We have an awesome, down to earth team who will walk you through every step of the transaction and won't let up until they know you're happy. And you can reach them directly anytime with any questions or concerns.

That's why we're a FIVE STAR rated company on Trustpilot.

And the best part? You're doing something good. We donate $1 for each transaction to build schools around the world. It only costs $30k to build a school! Can you believe that? That's it! We're not like our competitors. We're making real, tangible change in the world. Change you can see.


Why Gizmogul works.