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Following the Money: Why Entrepreneurs
Should Pick Up the Phone When the Market's Calling

I ended up in the swimming pool with my phone in my back pocket. My friend's toddler fell in, so I jumped without thinking about my technology getting fried. I thought I was out $300. Instead... Continue Reading

The Dirty Truth About Where Your Old Electronics Go We all know we should recycle our electronics, but we don't really know what happens after we drop them off at the e-waste center. So filmmaker Alex Gorosh followed his old iPhones, all the way to Agbogbloshie, Ghana, the largest electronics dump in the world... Continue Reading
Startup Gizmogul Gives you Cash for Trash

From life changing innovations to a startup that wants to pay cash for your trash can... Watch Video


The last speaker, Alex Gorosh, a film and documentary worker, spoke about a documentary-like ad created for Gizmogul that would "spread a story instead of just buying a billboard." The company recycles technology in a more globally conscious manner... Continue Reading

Recycler gives new life to cast-off gadgets Recycling electronic gadgets – dated flip phones, 3-megapixel digital cameras, tired laptops – is often so inconvenient that the gadgets end up in junk drawers. Gizmogul, an electronic recycling company in Sharon, wants to help consumers dispose of this digital detritus. And one of the best ways to get people to recycle is to provide an incentive... Continue Reading